Best Visual Art of 2016: Top 20 Exhibits

"Only’s works manifest power is through their exquisite, almost other-worldly construction. Each piece offers a puzzle to the viewer, in terms of materials and process. The tiny, mostly black, geometric works, which include sculpture, drawing, and prints, function like tiny monoliths or ancient pyramids. Their purpose and message is mysterious, each possesses an element of surprise, where you have no idea how it was made and this is irresistible." (Cara Ober)


Top Ten Art Shows of 2016

"Few contemporary artists, period, are as unafraid of the dramatic juxtaposition of positive and negative space as Williams ... Whether working with charred-wood sculptures, polycabornate rods, or charcoal-pigmented cement, Williams uses the clean, crisp language of minimalism to convey the messy, fugitive emotions of this fleshy existence, where the overwhelming sometimes hides in the innocuous, and the seemingly simple can weigh on the soul like the most complex of life’s toils." (BM)


Carbon-Based Lifeform: Hermonie “Only” Williams at Gallery Four

"If the millennial zeitgeist is to play out our personal-as-political dramas using new media ... Hermonie’s work exists as an anachronism that looks both to the art-historical past and a dystopic future. ... Rather than insert her ghost into the machine, she performs as machine; an escapist cyborg. These drawing instruments are the prosthesis of a mind that aspires to be more like a computer, somewhat ironically using the classical materials of Studio Art 101 (charcoal, graphite on paper) to approach the detached vocabulary of late modernist minimalism." (Michael Anthony Farley)


Black, Sleek, and Minimal

"Not Now, as the title implies, embraces a liberating energy that immerses the viewer in a motion for purposeful introspection. The exhibit includes a variety of clean, small-scale geometric sculptures and a handful of drawings that masterfully converge design with visual art in shades of black, white, and grey. The consistent use of a monochromatic color palette is a harmonious match for the symmetry present in both sculpture and drawing." (Ikram Lakhdhar)


Best Solo Show: Hermonie “only” Williams, “Not Now” at Gallery Four

"Hermonie “only” Williams has never allowed the gorgeous subtlety of her sculptural and two-dimensional work to transform a contemporary gallery space until this knockout show.