Artist: Hermonie "only" Williams
Venue: Gallery Four
Exhibition Title: Not Now
Date: June 18 - July 22, 2016

In my exhibition at Gallery Four entitled 'Not Now' I present a series of pieces derived from the affections of anxiety and depression, the potential of substance, the notion of bodily presence, absence, and residue. These artworks are an investigation into the ethical and aesthetic problems at the core of 'personal expression'. Fragility and vulnerability are defined by charred wood sculptures which hang in an ambiguous relationship to charcoal pigmented cement. Graphite, inherently dark and reflective, recedes from the viewer with an introspection so severe that it appears to cave in on itself. Drawings that seem so heavily obvious as to make ascribing further significance uncomfortable. Pointed and sheared polycarbonate rods are obstinately staged with expectant resolve.

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